Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome to day 6 of the Bluebonnet and 2x2 showcase! If you need a list of the Bluebonnet or 2x2 lists for your summer reading, please follow the links! Happy reading! :)

Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee book list: Click here!
2x2 book list: Click here!

by Mac Barnett
Twelve-year-old Steve Brixton, a fan of Bailey Brothers detective novels, is mistaken for a real detective and must elude librarians, police, and the mysterious Mr. E as he seeks a missing quilt containing coded information.

Want to know more about the first book in the Brixton Brothers series? Click here!

Check out the official Brixton Brothers website! Click here!

Check out the book trailer below for The Case of the Case of the Mistaken Identity!

by Randall de Seve
The Duchess of Whimsy has absolutely no interest in the Earl of Norm until he makes a sandwich that causes her to look at him in an entirely different way.

Want to learn more about The Duchess of Whimsy? Click here!

Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same
by Grace Lin
Ling and Ting are identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different

Want to learn more about Ling & Ting? Click here!

by Keith Baker
Busy little peas introduce their favorite occupations, from astronaut to zoologist.

Want to know more about LMNO Peas? Click here!

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