Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Break Eve, Y'all! If you are a pet lover then have I got a book for you! However, this is a book with a crazy twist! In this silly little book children become the pets! Are you intrigued? Then check it out...

by Peter Brown
When Lucy, a young bear, discovers a boy lost in the woods, she asks her mother if she can have him as a pet, only to find him impossible to train.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Got stats?

Check out the library statistics for the month of October! 

Every month, Mrs. Mattei will update this statistics board so that the patrons of the library know what is going on in the world of the Sonntag library. Included in this new stats board are the number of checkins and checkouts, the top 25 most popular books in the library, and the number of whole classes that have been seen. Check back next month to see the stats for November! Happy reading! :) 

Kids and technology. Technology and kids. These days it seems that one cannot have one element without the other. :) With the availability of amazing technology it is so important for kids to not only have exposure to technology but to also know how to successfully manipulate it.

This week in the Sonntag library's weekly preschool storytime, the 'wee readers' had the opportunity to use an iPad (using the 'You Can Do It' app) to practice their colors as well as hear two unique stories about the colors of the rainbow. Check out these pictures!

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Here are the two books that the 'wee readers' enjoyed! 

by Etienne Delessert
Illustrations and simple text help young readers to identify their primary colors and how they can be mixed to create other colors.

by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle
Children learn about animals and colors as they see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a teacher looking at them.

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Check out this color song! Happy reading...and singing! :)

(Song link is from YouTube)

The students at Sonntag just LOVE books with interesting, creepy, gross, and amazing facts in them. When Mrs. Sligar (one of our amazing 3rd grade teachers) discovered an amazing book of animal facts I just had to share this at Good Morning Sonntag as my 'Book of the Day.' Enjoy! Happy reading! :)

by Barbar Seuling 
Includes strange but true facts on animals and how they eat, move, sleep, and more.

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Want to learn more amazing animal facts? Check out the National Geographic Kids website! Click here!

Check out these animal facts! Click here!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(October Edition)

Where did October go? What an awesome month in the library! The kiddos learned a lot and had so much fun in the process! Between our author visit, the Lonestar Storytelling festival, and the fall Book Fair, the library was buzzing with action.  Check out what happened in the Sonntag library for the month of October. Happy reading! :)

Check out some pictures from the fall Book Fair! 

Number of Whole Class Visits: 

Number of Total Items Circulated (Checkouts)

Number of Items in Collection

Library Instruction/Programs/Community Outreach
Promoted the 2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Award Program with 3-5 grades
Promoted the 2011-2012 2x2 Reading Program with Preschool-2nd grades
Presented a weekly Good Morning Sonntag Book Bits update
Created inviting fall displays to promote reading interests 
Open checkout every day for all Sonntag students, parents, and staff
Attended the Lonestar Storytelling Festival with 4th grade 
Hosted author Kate Klise for our yearly author visit
Planned and hosted the fall Scholastic Book Fair in the library  
Hosted the yearly hearing and vision screening in the library
Weekly preschool storytimes with future Sonntag students and families 
Modified the library schedule so that all students had the opportunity to check out new books before the fall Scholastic Book Fair 
Hosted the Sonntag Student Counsel meetings in the library
Conducted the first Sonntag staff book club meeting

Administrative Activities
Attended PTA board meeting 
Attended Title 1 parent meeting 
Stood as a backup COGAT administrator for 5th grade
Planned, prepared, and managed the fall Scholastic Book Fair
Planned, prepared, and hosted Kate Klise author visit
Contributed to Specials weekly newsletter
Purchased new library books and materials through Scholastic (using Book Fair profits)
Collaborated with 3rd and 4th grade teachers to create leveled browsing boxes
Updated library blog weekly
Opened new parent accounts
Hosted new and returning library volunteers

Professional Development Activities 
Attended the Plano/Richardson ISD Library Media Expo
Attended iPodsiblities professional development 
Attended campus meetings and staff developments
Attended FISD online database professional development 
Read and kept up with new professional library journals 
Submitted a grant to possibly acquire 4 iPod Touches for the Sonntag library

On the Horizon...
New books from the fall Scholastic Book Fair are on the way! 
2nd Sonntag staff book club meeting in December 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Technology Awe!

Technology never ceases to amaze me! As I sit here in my comfy chair preparing for the week I am blogging from my phone! It is so amazing to me that only 10 short years ago my phone only made calls! Who'da thunk? I am eager to see what will innovate the world next! Happy reading, Peeps! 

Oh! By the way! It's the 100th post!! Woo-hoo!!! :) 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

- Book Fair Books of the Day by Mrs. Mattei -

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Book Fair is FINALLY here!!!! Today I wanted to highlight a few books that are some WONDERFUL reads for your young reader. Stop by the library and check them out! Happy reading! :) 

Did you LOVE The Invention of Hugo Cabret? Are you EXCTATIC about the new movie Hugo? Check out Brian Selznick's new book Wonderstruck!  

Relates the stories of twelve-year-old Ben, who loses his mother and his hearing in a short time frame and decides to leave his Minnesota home in 1977 to seek the father he has never known in New York City; and Rose, who lives with her father but feels compelled to search for what is missing in her life. Ben's story is told in words; Rose's in pictures.

Don't forget to check out the Hugo Movie Companion book at the Book Fair!


Tours the movie-making process as the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" is turned into a 3-D major motion picture, and includes interviews with the cast and crew, information about automatons, and photographs from the movie.

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