Friday, April 26, 2013

Fashion trends have been around since the dawn of time! Fashion not only plays a significant role in our everyday lives but fashion also defines who we are. The books of the day come from a new series called Fabulous Fashions of the Decade by Felicia Lowenstein Niven. The books in this nifty series are full of fashion trends, fads, and popular culture tidbits from the 1920's all the way through the 1990's. Kids, adults, and grandparents alike will enjoy taking a journey back in time to reflect on where we have been to where we are today. I hope you enjoy this new series! Happy reading! 

746.9 NIV

Friday, April 19, 2013

Do you love reading biographies? The two books of the day may be the next two books you will want to read! The two famous people in the following biographies made their mark on television...for quite unique reasons. Please check these books out! You will not be disappointed! Happy reading! :)

by Kathleen Krull
Chronicles the life of Jim Henson, describing how he pushed the boundaries of entertainment and brought the art of puppets to a new level with the creation of his Muppets.


Want to know more about Jim Henson? Click here!

Check out this AMAZING tribute to this pioneer puppeteer: 

* * * * *

by Jessie Hartland
Biography of Julia Child, highlighting her time spent as a spy in World War II France, her French cookbook, and her French cooking TV show.


Want to know more about Julia Child? Click here!

Check out this AMAZING tribute to this cooking pioneer:

Friday, April 12, 2013

We have some budding architects as well as students who LOVE crazy nonfiction facts on our campus! The three Books of the Day today will definitely be hits on our campus. These books not only feature facts about unusual architectural designs but also give a little history about these unique buildings from around the world.  Happy reading! :)

by Michael Sandler
Freaky-strange buildings -- Oriental Pearl TV Tower -- Community Bookshelf -- Turning Torso -- Sagrada Familia -- Hotel Luna Salada -- Burj Al Arab Hotel -- Longaberger Home Office -- The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao -- More freaky strange buildings.

by Michael Sandler
Stupendous sports stadiums -- Cowboys Stadium -- Beijing National Stadium -- ANZ Stadium -- Marina Bay Floating Stadium -- Allianz Arena -- World Games Stadium -- University of Phoenix Stadium -- Rungrado May Day Stadium -- More stupendous stadiums.

by Meish Goldish
Why so tall? -- Burj Khalifa -- Taipei 101 -- Shanghai World Financial Center --Petronas Towers -- Willis Tower -- Nnanjing Greenland Financial Center -- Empire State Building -- Trump Tower Chicago -- More spectacular skyscrapers.

Freaky Strange Buildings - 720 SAN

Spectacular Sports Stadiums - 725 SAN

Spectacular Skyscrapers - 720 GOL

Friday, April 5, 2013

Attention 5th Grade Readers!

Attention 5th graders! If you are interested in the 5th Grade Readers Book Club for the month of April, please click here to find out more information about how YOU can join in on all of the reading fun (you even get to eat lunch in the library). 

Here's the book of the month for April

Ten-year-old George Calder's life changes forever as he, his little sister, Phoebe, and their Aunt Daisy set out across the ocean on the "Titanic" in 1912.


We hope to see you in the library on Friday, May 3rd during the 5th grade lunch time! Happy reading! :)

Happy Poetry Month!

The Sonntag library is celebrating poetry month! The students will have the opportunity to listen to amazing books of poetry as well as pick their own poem to share with a friend. Check out some of our displays:
Got poetry books? We do! Come and check some out from our new "Genre Rockin' Books" display.  For the month of April poetry books will be displayed for all to check out. 
Need a poem for your pocket? Stop by the Sonntag library to pick one up!
Check out this wee little poem pocket!

Check out our poetry section: 811

Poetry Resources:

Awesome Poets: 

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Stats

(March Edition)

Happy spring, Blogsters! March was another amazingly busy month in the Sonntag library. As students prepared to go on spring break, they stopped by to check out new reads. In addition, Mrs. Mattei was given the distinct opportunity to share the awesomeness that is MackinVia with the 3rd grade students in the computer labs as they prepared for their research. The students and teachers were equally excited to dive into research using this new online database collection. Check out some other statistics for the month of March. Happy reading! 

Number of Whole Class Visits: 

Number of Total Items Circulated (Checkouts & Checkins)

Number of Items in Collection

Library Instruction/Programs/Community Outreach 
Planned and hosted the 2nd 5th Grade Readers Book Club
Taught the 3rd grade students how to use  MackinVia & to be good digital citizens when finding reliable information
Collaborated with teachers to pull library materials as well as promoted Mackin Via for a variety of classroom projects 
Promoted and facilitated the 3rd annual Six Flags Read to Succeed program
Promoted the 2012-2013 Texas Bluebonnet Award Program with 3-5 grades
Promoted the 2012-2013 2x2 Reading Program with Preschool-2nd grades
Presented a weekly Good Morning Sonntag Book Bits update
Updated the Where in the World Do You Read? board
Maintained student writer & new items displays to promote reading interests 
Updated a daily Fact of the Day by Mrs. Mattei fact
Open checkout every day for all Sonntag students, parents, and staff
Planned weekly preschool storytimes with future Sonntag students and families  
Hosted parent library volunteers
Hosted & promoted the Sonntag Staff Book Club for the 2012-2013 school year in person and online using the Sonntag Staff Book Club blog

Administrative Activities 
Planned library lessons through the end of the school year
Added new items to the library collection as well as weeding damaged books out of the collection
Collaborated with teachers to pull library materials as well as promoted Mackin Via for a variety of classroom projects 
Promoted and facilitated the 3rd annual Six Flags Read to Succeed program
Maintained the mobile app for the Sonntag Library
Maintained a blog for staff to discuss book club books
Adjusted the library schedule to accommodate classes for various activities 
Contributed to Specials weekly newsletter & PTA newsletter
Purchased new library books and materials 
Updated library blog and Twitter account weekly
Planned weekly library lessons
Opened new parent accounts
Hosted new and returning library volunteers

Professional Development Activities 
Attended campus meetings & PTA Board meetings as the PTA Book Fair Chairperson 
Prepared to assist teachers and staff with the STAAR tests in April 
Read and kept up with new professional library journals & added new materials to future book orders

On the Horizon...
Sonntag staff book club meeting in April & May
More books are on the way using profit acquired from the spring Scholastic Book Fair
5th Grade Readers Book Club meeting will be on Friday, April 1st & May 3rd (final meeting)
Frisco ISD library legend Catherine Fowler will be coming to Sonntag in May to talk to our 3rd graders about the history of Frisco, TX 

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