Tuesday, October 4, 2011

- Do You Know the History of Frisco? - 
(Retired Frisco ISD Librarian Catherine Fowler does!)

Last week in the Sonntag Library, 3rd grade students had the distinct privilege of hearing about the history of Frisco, Texas from the Frisco ISD legend Catherine Fowler. In order to prepare for their study trip to the Frisco Heritage Museum Mrs. Fowler brought a wealth of knowledge and antiques to Sonntag for the 3rd graders to see and touch. The students learned about how the pioneers settled this community as well as how much Frisco, Texas has changed over the past 109 years. Check out some of the pictures from the presentation: 

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- Books to Love - 

Want to learn more? Check out these good reads in the Sonntag library:

by Steve Quinn
Describes the history of the community of Frisco, Texas, through many voices of its past and present residents.

by The Heritage Association of Frisco, Inc. 
Describes the history of schools in the Frisco area from the late Nineteenth through the beginning of the Twenty-first Centuries.

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- Links to Love - 

Did you know that Fowler Middle School is named after Mrs. Fowler? Click here! 

Want to learn more about the Frisco Heritage Museum? Click here!

Happy reading! :) 

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