Friday, March 23, 2012

I have a little series that you will LOVE! The series comes from acclaimed author Kate Dicamillo. The Mercy Watson series follows a pet pig named Mercy Watson and her exciting (and often heroic) adventures. I read the whole series to my students when I taught 2nd grade and they couldn't get enough! Check these books out below. Happy reading! :) 

After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.

Mr. Watson's usual Saturday drive in his Cadillac with his favorite pig, Mercy, turns into an adventure when an unexpected passenger shows up in the back seat and Mercy finds herself behind the wheel.

Mercy the pig's love of buttered toast leads to the capture of a small thief who would rather be a cowboy. 

Mercy the pig is in for a Halloween adventure when Mr. and Mrs. Watson decide to dress her up as a princess and take her trick-or-treating. 

Two sisters move in next door to where Mercy the pig lives, and frustrated when Mercy continues to eat their flowers decide to call for the help of an Animal Control Officer, Francine Poulet, to handle the case. 

Mr. and Mrs. Watson think it is a wonderful idea to bring their pet pig Mercy to the drive-in, and when Mercy arrives, she sets off on a mission to find her own buttery bucket of popcorn, much to the dismay of the other movie patrons. 

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Want to learn more about Kate DiCamillo? Click here!

Check out a cool Google Books preview of Mercy Watson to the Rescue:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lines! Lines! We love lines!! If you are looking for a unique book then Laura Ljungkvist's little series of books are for you! When you read each book you will taken on a journey through the story using simple lines. Not only will you have fun reading each book but you will also learn some interesting facts! Happy reading! :)

Invites the reader to visit a wide variety of places and count different objects found in each, from fire hydrants in a big city in the morning, through starfish in the ocean during the day, to babies sleeping in a country village at night.

Presents animals in their natural habitats, going around the world from the Sahara Desert to the blue whales of Greenland, giraffes in Kenya, and kangaroos in Australia, with informative facts and a message oriented toward environmental stewardship.
Rhyming text invites the reader to search different rooms of a house to find hidden objects.

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Want to learn more about author Laura Ljungkvist? Click here

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy March, Sonntag Community! Are you loving this warm weather? February was an extremely busy month in the library. The library hosted the spring Book Fair. The spring Book Fair was a HUGE success! Students, parents, and teachers truly enjoyed the Book Fair and books were added to home, classroom, & the library. 

In addition to a wildly successful spring Book Fair, 5th grade students completed their ecosystems research using library books, encyclopedias, as well as online databases. Check out some of the pictures from these busy researchers: 

Check out the library stats from February!

Number of Whole Class Visits: 

Number of Total Items Circulated (Checkouts & Checkins)

Number of Items in Collection

Library Instruction/Programs/Community Outreach
Hosted UIL Spelling practices 
Assisted in 5th grade ecosystems research 
Promoted the 2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Award Program with 3-5 grades
Promoted the 2011-2012 2x2 Reading Program with Preschool-2nd grades
Presented a book & a weekly Good Morning Sonntag Book Bits update
Maintained student writer & new items displays to promote reading interests 
Updated a daily "Fact of the Day by Mrs. Mattei" fact 
Open checkout every day for all Sonntag students, parents, and staff
Weekly preschool storytimes with future Sonntag students and families 
Hosted the Sonntag Student Counsel meetings in the library
Hosted 4th grade students as library helpers 
Hosted parent library volunteers
Facilitated staff book club meeting

Administrative Activities
Assisted in UIL grading
Attended PTA Board meeting
Represented the Specials team at Chick-fil-A spirit night
Promoted a mobile app for the Sonntag Library
Planned, set up, & hosted  the Spring Book Fair
Facilitated the Six Flags Read to Succeed reading program
Contributed an article for the PTA newsletter
Collaborated & maintained leveled book browsing boxes for a 4th grade teacher's classroom
Planned UIL Spelling practices and activities
Met with Scholastic representative to complete Book Fair financials
Contributed to Specials weekly newsletter
Purchased new library books and materials through Scholastic (using Book Fair profits)
Processed new library books acquired during Scholastic Book Fair
Updated library blog and Twitter account weekly
Planned weekly library lessons
Opened new parent accounts
Hosted new and returning library volunteers

Professional Development Activities 
Attended district-level professional development at HHS on February 20th
Attended district-level library meeting
Attended campus meetings
Read and kept up with new professional library journals 

On the Horizon...
New books purchased from the spring Scholastic Book Fair are on the way! 
The next Sonntag staff book club meeting in April 
Six Flags Read to Succeed participants will receive their ticket later in the spring

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Want to keep up with the events of the Sonntag Library? Scan this QR code to get the official Sonntag Library app! Happy reading! :) 
* * * * * that a frog Mrs. Mattei is kissing??? 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Check Out Our 5th Grade Ecosystems Research! 

This week the 5th grade students completed their ecosystems research using our amazing library resources. The students were researching for information on ecosystems such as deserts, tundras, prairies, oceans, and rainforests. Not only did the students use the online databases to search for information about their ecosystem but they also utilized the library books and encyclopedias. The students were eager researchers and enjoyed collaborating with each other to dig for important information about their ecosystem. The final ecosystems products will include a written report. Check out our busy researchers:

3...2...1... BLAST OFF!!!! Look out world!!! It's Binky the Space Cat!!! If you are an animal lover and you also LOVE to laugh then this little series of books is perfect for you! Author Ashley Spires brings this amazingly funny cat to life in an inviting graphic novel format. 

In this series, poor Binky desperately wants to fly into outer space (outside his house) to battle far-out aliens (bugs). Does he get the chance to live his dream? You will have to check out these books... 

Binky, a house cat who believes the family home is actually a space station, trains and prepares to travel into outer space, where his humans go everyday and need his protection.

Binky the Space Cat falls out of the bathroom window and is attacked by aliens until he is rescued by his human. Once safe inside, however, Binkyrealizes that his co-pilot, Ted, is still outside and he is determined to rescue him.

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Check out these amazing previews (via Google Books) of our favorite space cat!

Binky the Space Cat:

Binky to the Rescue: 

Happy reading! :) 
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