Friday, March 9, 2012

Lines! Lines! We love lines!! If you are looking for a unique book then Laura Ljungkvist's little series of books are for you! When you read each book you will taken on a journey through the story using simple lines. Not only will you have fun reading each book but you will also learn some interesting facts! Happy reading! :)

Invites the reader to visit a wide variety of places and count different objects found in each, from fire hydrants in a big city in the morning, through starfish in the ocean during the day, to babies sleeping in a country village at night.

Presents animals in their natural habitats, going around the world from the Sahara Desert to the blue whales of Greenland, giraffes in Kenya, and kangaroos in Australia, with informative facts and a message oriented toward environmental stewardship.
Rhyming text invites the reader to search different rooms of a house to find hidden objects.

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