Friday, March 2, 2012

3...2...1... BLAST OFF!!!! Look out world!!! It's Binky the Space Cat!!! If you are an animal lover and you also LOVE to laugh then this little series of books is perfect for you! Author Ashley Spires brings this amazingly funny cat to life in an inviting graphic novel format. 

In this series, poor Binky desperately wants to fly into outer space (outside his house) to battle far-out aliens (bugs). Does he get the chance to live his dream? You will have to check out these books... 

Binky, a house cat who believes the family home is actually a space station, trains and prepares to travel into outer space, where his humans go everyday and need his protection.

Binky the Space Cat falls out of the bathroom window and is attacked by aliens until he is rescued by his human. Once safe inside, however, Binkyrealizes that his co-pilot, Ted, is still outside and he is determined to rescue him.

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Check out these amazing previews (via Google Books) of our favorite space cat!

Binky the Space Cat:

Binky to the Rescue: 

Happy reading! :) 

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