Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your completed ix Flags Read to Succeed logs are due on Monday, February 27th! All you have to do is read for 6 hours, keep track of your hours on your reading log, and return your completed logs to your teacher on or before the due date. No exceptions on late logs can be made because of the rules set forth by Six Flags. 

Please note that it takes a few weeks for the tickets to be processed.If you have any questions or need a new copy of the official reading log, please email Mrs. Mattei at matteie@friscoisd.org or click here for more information. Happy reading! :)

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the spring Book Fair a complete success! Tons of books were added to home & classroom libraries as well as the Sonntag library. We could not have done it without the support of the students, staff, as well as the community. 

If you missed the Book Fair, you still have time to shop online. The Online Book Fair will run through March 4th. The book sales from the Online Fair still benefit the school. Click the icon on the side of this blog or click the links below.

Want to see the Book Fair homepage? Click here!

Want to visit the Online Book Fair? Click here!

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Check out a few pictures from the Book Fair! Happy reading! :)

Look at that hallway! 

Look at all of those books!

Care to take a guess about how many flowers are in the jar? We had a student who was one number off from the actual amount! Wow!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Are you tired of sharing your room with your brother or sister? If you are, then I have a book for you! During the Book Fair, I stumbled across a book by one of my favorite author/illustrator duos. In the Karen Kaufman Orloff (author) & David Catrow (illustrator) book I Wanna New Room little Alex wants just that. He desperately wants a new room and attempts to persuade his mother and father through a series of hilarious letters. It is a fantastic read! If you loved I Wanna Iguana then this book is perfect for you. Enjoy & happy reading! :)

by Karen Kaufman Orloff

Forced to share his bedroom with a baby brother who snores like a walrus and delights in stuffing crayons up his nose, Alex decides to mount a letter writing campaign to convince his parents to give him a new room.

- Links to Love - 

Want to know more about Karen Kaufman Orloff? Click here!

Want to know more about David Catrow? Click here!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The official results are in! 176,569 students in 1,550 schools across the state of Texas voted for their favorite 2012 Texas Bluebonnet Award book. And the state winner is...

Congratulations to Tom Angleberger and his amazing book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Check out Mr. Angleberger's special award message:

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Want to learn more about Tom Angleberger's books? Click here!

 Want to see which book was picked for Sonntag? Click here!

Want to know more about the Texas Bluebonnet Award program? Click here!

Happy reading! :) 

Friday, February 3, 2012

On April 14, 1912, the maiden voyage of the great Titanic tragically struck an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the north Atlantic sea. Even 100 years later, the once believed unsinkable ocean liner still fascinates people of all ages. The students of Sonntag are no exception. Students from Kindergarten through 5th grade (as well as their librarian) have shown a tremendous interest in learning about the Titanic and the people who traveled on this ship. Even though the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic isn't until April, student interest inspired Mrs. Mattei to create a display for students to learn more about this amazing ship. Check it out:

Don't forget to check out some of these Titanic books in the Sonntag Library:

Check out Gordan Korman's Titanic Trilogy:

by Don Brown
Presents an illustrated account of the Titanic's deadly voyage on April 12, 1912, when two thousand passengers, rich and poor alike, fought to survive the tragedy while partially filled lifeboats launched into the night with seven hundred people as some family members stayed behind.

by Ken Marschall
Text and cut-away illustrations feature the stories of real-life children who sailed aboard the Titanic on the night of its disaster in the North Atlantic.

by William Caper
Describes what happened during the sinking of the "Titanic" and discusses its causes, tragic cost, and aftermath.

The Titanic: An Interactive History Adventure
by Bob Temple

Describes the events surrounding the sinking of the ship "Titanic" in 1912, revealing the historical details from the perspectives of a first-class passenger, a third-class passenger, and a crew member.

Want to check out more Titanic books in the Sonntag Library? Click here!

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Want to know more about Gordan Korman's Titanic trilogy? Click here

Check out this National Geographic Kids article: Click here!

Titanic facts & statistics: Click here!

Encyclopedia Titanica: Click here!

Happy reading! :) 

Sonntag Bluebonnet Readers who have read 5 or more books have cast their votes! The votes were sent to the Texas Library Association in order to be counted with other students across the state of Texas! We have 2 extraordinary Sonntag winners. Drum roll please...

by Sharon Draper


by Tom Angleberger

Check out the pictures from the 2nd Annual Sonntag Bluebonnet Voting Party! The students had a blast talking about the books, voting for their favorite book, as well as working on a variety of Bluebonnet-related technology centers. 

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Want to learn more about author Sharon Draper? Click here! 

Want to learn more about author Tom Angleberger? Click here!

- 2012-2013 Bluebonnet List -

 The next list will be introduced to the Sonntag students towards the end of the year. Keep an eye out for the next list. Happy reading! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(January Edition)

January was a BUSY month in the Sonntag Library! The library was buzzing with research, checkouts, and even student helpers! The events and happenings in the month of January is a sign of great things to come in the second half of the school year. It will be so exciting to see how the spring semester unfolds! 

Most exciting, perhaps, is the brand new Sonntag Library mobile app! Now you can take the Sonntag library with you anywhere you go. You can either scan the QR Code below or click this link. If you want to know more information about this app, click here to go to the blog post. Happy reading! :) 

Here is Mrs. Mattei with the amazing Tom Angleberger (and his latest book Fake Mustache) at the ALA Midwinter Conference! 

Number of Whole Class Visits: 

Number of Total Items Circulated (Checkouts & Checkins)

Number of Items in Collection

Library Instruction/Programs/Community Outreach
Hosted UIL Spelling practices with UIL Spelling competitors
Assisted in 3rd grade Arctic research
Promoted the 2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Award Program with 3-5 grades
Hosted the 2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Award voting party 
Promoted the 2011-2012 2x2 Reading Program with Preschool-2nd grades
Presented a weekly Good Morning Sonntag Book Bits update
Maintained student writer & new items displays to promote reading interests 
Updated a daily Fact of the Day by Mrs. Mattei fact
Open checkout every day for all Sonntag students, parents, and staff
Weekly preschool storytimes with future Sonntag students and families 
Hosted the Sonntag Student Counsel meetings in the library
Hosted 4th grade students as library helpers 
Hosted parent library volunteers
Facilitated staff book club meeting

Administrative Activities
Created and launched a mobile app for the Sonntag Library
Began planning the Spring Book Fair
Planned and facilitated the Six Flags Read to Succeed reading program
Contributed an article for the PTA newsletter
Substituted for teachers who were administrating the COGAT test
Collaborated with a 4th grade teacher to create leveled book browsing boxes for their classrooms
Helped administration relieve grade levels during lunch and recess duties
Attended and facilitated a booth at the Sonntag Science Night
Planned UIL Spelling practices and activities
Met with Scholastic representative about the spring Book Fair
Contributed to Specials weekly newsletter
Purchased new library books and materials through Scholastic (using Book Fair profits)
Processed new library books acquired during Scholastic Book Fair
Updated library blog and Twitter account weekly
Planned weekly library lessons
Opened new parent accounts
Hosted new and returning library volunteers

Professional Development Activities 
Attended campus Site Based meeting
Attended campus meetings
Attended the American Library Association Midwinter Conference Exhibit event in Dallas
Attended the Peggy Sharp conference in Richardson
Read and kept up with new professional library journals 

On the Horizon...
New books purchased from the fall Scholastic Book Fair are on the way! 
UIL Spelling Team will compete in the UIL Competition on February 16th 
3rd Sonntag staff book club meeting in February
Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be open from February 13th through February 17th 
Six Flags Read to Succeed logs are due to your students' teachers on February 27th 

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