Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February Stats

(February Edition)

February has come and gone and what a month it was! The library hosted the second and final Scholastic Book Fair of the year. Because of our amazing students, parents, families, and friends the Sonntag Library as well as classroom libraries were able to acquire a wealth of new books. Thank you so much for your support! In addition, the 3rd annual 6 Flags Read to Succeed program wrapped up for the year. Students who participated in this amazing program will receive their free 6 Flags ticket sometime in May. 

During the month of February, 2nd and 3rd graders read the story The Book That Eats People by John Perry. They LOVED this story and even got "eaten by a book!!!" Check their photos out!

Also in February, library staff and the technology facilitator for Sonntag & Mooneyham collaborated to host a technology showcase for teachers. The teachers learned all about amazing Web 2.0 technology for their classrooms as well as online library research resources such as MackinVia! 

Check out our amazing 2012-2013 UIL Spelling Team! They competed at the UIL competeition in Feburary and did a fantastic job! Way to go! 

Number of Whole Class Visits: 

Number of Total Items Circulated (Checkouts & Checkins)

Number of Items in Collection

Library Instruction/Programs/Community Outreach
Hosted the up the 2012-2013 spring Scholastic Book Fair 
Planned and hosted the 2nd 5th Grade Readers Book Club
Collaborated with the technology facilitator to host a technology/library showcase with classroom teachers
Collaborated with teachers to pull library materials as well as promoted Mackin Via for a variety of classroom projects 
Promoted and facilitated the 3rd annual Six Flags Read to Succeed program
Conducted weekly UIL Spelling practices with the Sonntag UIL Spelling team
Promoted the 2012-2013 Texas Bluebonnet Award Program with 3-5 grades
Promoted the 2012-2013 2x2 Reading Program with Preschool-2nd grades
Presented a weekly Good Morning Sonntag Book Bits update
Updated the Where in the World Do You Read? board
Maintained student writer & new items displays to promote reading interests 
Updated a daily Fact of the Day by Mrs. Mattei fact
Open checkout every day for all Sonntag students, parents, and staff
Planned weekly preschool storytimes with future Sonntag students and families  
Hosted parent library volunteers
Hosted & promoted the Sonntag Staff Book Club for the 2012-2013 school year

Administrative Activities 
Planned & hosted the spring Scholastic Book Fair
Planned and conducted weekly UIL Spelling practices with the Sonntag UIL Spelling team
Collaborated with teachers to pull library materials as well as promoted Mackin Via for a variety of classroom projects 
Promoted and facilitated the 3rd annual Six Flags Read to Succeed program
Maintained the mobile app for the Sonntag Library
Assisted staff members with the student Learning Academy 
Maintained a blog for staff to discuss book club books
Adjusted the library schedule to accommodate classes for various activities 
Contributed to Specials weekly newsletter & PTA newsletter
Purchased new library books and materials 
Updated library blog and Twitter account weekly
Planned weekly library lessons
Opened new parent accounts
Hosted new and returning library volunteers

Professional Development Activities 
Attended campus meetings
Attended district library meetings
Read and kept up with new professional library journals

On the Horizon...
Sonntag staff book club meeting in April
More books are on the way using profit acquired from the spring Scholastic Book Fair
5th Grade Readers Book Club meeting will be on Friday, April 1st

Friday, March 8, 2013

How long does it take you to blink? Walk one step? Grow 1 centimeter of hair on your head? If you have ever wondered any of these things then author Steve Jenkins' book Just a Second is the perfect book for you. This book is packed with mind-blowing facts about events that take just a second, minute, hour and more! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Happy reading! :)

by Steve Jenkins
Describes a series of events in the natural world to provide an exploration of how people think about time.

529 JEN

Want to know more about the author? Click here

Friday, March 1, 2013

Attention 5th graders! If you are interested in the 5th Grade Readers Book Club for the month of March, please click here to find out more information about how YOU can join in on all of the reading fun (you even get to eat lunch in the library). 

Here's the book of the month for March

Book: School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari
Twelve-year-olds Madeleine, Theo, and Lulu, and thirteen-year-old Garrison, are sent to a remote Massachusetts school to overcome their phobias, but tragedy strikes and the quartet must work together--with no adult assistance--to face their fears.


We hope to see you in the library on Friday, April 5th during the 5th grade lunch time! Happy reading! :)

If you are looking for a quirky counting book then today's 'Book of the Day' is just for you! Author Andrea Menotti challenges readers to see how many jelly beans they can count. Can YOU count to a million?? Give it a try! Happy reading! :)

by Andrea Menotti
Aiden and Emma debate how many jelly beans are enough and how many are too many.

513.2 MEN
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