Calling All Parents!  

Are you interested in becoming a library volunteer?
Please contact Erin Mattei, Library Media Specialist, via email at 

Thanks again for your gift of time to the Cockrell Library!

Volunteers must have a current background check on file for Prosper ISD. Click here to access the background check page. 

We need help with:
  • Shelving: Shelving books for is a very important assignment, students and teachers can't check out a book that is not on the shelf! We will teach you to use the Dewey Decimal system - all you need is a love of books and a willingness to learn where each book lives. 
  • Shelf Reading: Help us make sure everything is in the right place. With over 10,000 new items finding a home in the library this year we'll need help reading call numbers to be sure everything is in the right place and labeled correctly.
  • Clerical Tasks: Help with simple tasks to save us time, such as making copies, organizing reading logs, laminating, labeling books, etc.
  • Cutting/Crafting: From time to time we'll have laminated items or unit materials that will need to be cut out, glued, or folded - such as research booklets or felt board stories. This is an easy, yet time-consuming task perfect to complete at home.
  • Special Events: Help with special days and events such as our Bluebonnet Voting Celebration, Children's Book Week/National Library Week, or inventory.  To help with Book Fair please sign-up through the PTA.
Training Materials

  • Library Volunteer 'Rules of the Road': A quick overview of library volunteer operations and FAQs. - See Erin Mattei
  • Library Volunteer Orientation: See Erin Mattei
  • Shelving Game: Play Order in the Library a time or two to check your shelving knowledge.

Prosper ISD encourages volunteers to...

Have an Interest in our Students

  • Believe that each child can learn and succeed.
  • Accept children of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and personality.

Support the Staff
  • Be respectful of teachers.
  • Do not publicly question or criticize the teacher or the methods used.
  • Ensure that your interpretation of rules and expectations matches that of the school or classroom.
  • Involve appropriate school personnel when students disobey school or classroom rules; don’t take corrective measures into your own hands.
Be Committed and Dependable
  • Make sure you have the time to serve.
  • Be prompt and reliable; people are counting on you to be there!
  • Set an example for the students by dressing appropriately and demonstrating good citizenship.
  • Let us know if schedule changes prevent you from keeping a commitment.
Maintain Confidentiality
  • Ensure that children’s work and behavior are held in confidence.
  • Discuss matters relating to a student’s behavior and performance only with appropriate school staff members.
  • Ask if you are unsure about how equipment works or how your job is supposed to be completed—there are no silly questions!
  • Don’t let small problems turn into big ones.
  • Provide feedback to the appropriate person about volunteer experiences.
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