Friday, April 12, 2013

We have some budding architects as well as students who LOVE crazy nonfiction facts on our campus! The three Books of the Day today will definitely be hits on our campus. These books not only feature facts about unusual architectural designs but also give a little history about these unique buildings from around the world.  Happy reading! :)

by Michael Sandler
Freaky-strange buildings -- Oriental Pearl TV Tower -- Community Bookshelf -- Turning Torso -- Sagrada Familia -- Hotel Luna Salada -- Burj Al Arab Hotel -- Longaberger Home Office -- The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao -- More freaky strange buildings.

by Michael Sandler
Stupendous sports stadiums -- Cowboys Stadium -- Beijing National Stadium -- ANZ Stadium -- Marina Bay Floating Stadium -- Allianz Arena -- World Games Stadium -- University of Phoenix Stadium -- Rungrado May Day Stadium -- More stupendous stadiums.

by Meish Goldish
Why so tall? -- Burj Khalifa -- Taipei 101 -- Shanghai World Financial Center --Petronas Towers -- Willis Tower -- Nnanjing Greenland Financial Center -- Empire State Building -- Trump Tower Chicago -- More spectacular skyscrapers.

Freaky Strange Buildings - 720 SAN

Spectacular Sports Stadiums - 725 SAN

Spectacular Skyscrapers - 720 GOL

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