Wednesday, November 2, 2011

- Book Fair Books of the Day by Mrs. Mattei -

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Book Fair is FINALLY here!!!! Today I wanted to highlight a few books that are some WONDERFUL reads for your young reader. Stop by the library and check them out! Happy reading! :) 

Did you LOVE The Invention of Hugo Cabret? Are you EXCTATIC about the new movie Hugo? Check out Brian Selznick's new book Wonderstruck!  

Relates the stories of twelve-year-old Ben, who loses his mother and his hearing in a short time frame and decides to leave his Minnesota home in 1977 to seek the father he has never known in New York City; and Rose, who lives with her father but feels compelled to search for what is missing in her life. Ben's story is told in words; Rose's in pictures.

Don't forget to check out the Hugo Movie Companion book at the Book Fair!


Tours the movie-making process as the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" is turned into a 3-D major motion picture, and includes interviews with the cast and crew, information about automatons, and photographs from the movie.


Jen Vincent said...

I just read Wonderstruck last night and loved it! It was great. He did an awesome job writing characters with hearing loss. I work with kids who are deaf and hard of hearing and I can't wait to share with them!

Mrs. Mattei said...

FANTASTIC!!!!! I love being able to connect kiddos to books just like you are. This is such a great book for your kiddos who are deaf. I love Selznick's writing and illustrations. This book as well as the Invention of Hugo Cabret have motivated reluctant readers at my campus to begin reading. Best of luck to you! Thanks for stopping by! :)

~E. Mattei :)

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