Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book(s) of the Day By Mrs. Mattei

Calling all Bluebonnet Readers and 2x2 Readers! Each day, a new group of Bluebonnet books and 2x2 books will be featured. This will help you to get ready for summer reading! Please stop by the library to pick up a Bluebonnet Buzz form or a 2x2 boot to help you keep track of all of these great reads! Happy reading! :) 

Bluebonnet Books of the Day:

by Lee Bennett Hopkins  
 A collection of poems and detailed color portraits that reveal a range of emotions. Includes an infant, a firefighter, a young soldier returning home, and a karate kid.

Want to know more about Amazing Faces? Click here!

by S.D. Nelson
 Recounts how a childhood vision shaped the life of Black Elk, a Lakota-Oglala medicine man who was involved in the battles of Little Bighorn and Wounded Knee.

 Want to know more about Black Elk's Vision? Click here!

2x2 Books of the Day:

by David LaRochelle
Colorful illustrations and unusual calculations encourage children to think about numbers in a creative way.  

Want to learn more about 1 + 1 = 5? Click here!

A Balloon for Isabel
by Deborah Underwood
As graduation day approaches, Isabel tries to convince her teacher that she and Walter, both porcupines, should receive balloons on the big day just like the other children.  

Want to learn more about A Balloon for Isabel? Click here!

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