Monday, November 9, 2015

NEW: Question of the Week!

Attention Sonntag Researchers! 

In an effort to get the word out about the amazing online resources Frisco ISD has available for you, the Sonntag Library has launched a new program called "Question of the Week." Sonntag researchers will be challenged to answer a question and will use the FISD online resources to find the answer. Please note that the library operates on a 2-week schedule. Therefore, a new question will be released every 2 weeks. 

It's easy to participate! All you do is click the following image to access the current question of the week. Using the MackinVia online resources, answer the question asked. A hint has even been provided to help you find the answer. 1 winner with the correct answer will be drawn. That winner will receive a prize! Happy researching!! 

Click the image below to access the current question of the week:

Click the MackinVia image below or on the sidebar of this page to access MackinVia. 

Note: You will use your unique FISD username and password to access your MackinVia account.

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