Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mrs. Mattei goes to TLA!!!

I had a fantastic time at the Texas Library Association (or TLA) conference in Austin, Texas last week! I learned A LOT about the craft of school librarianship as well as gained some great ideas to implement in the Sonntag library in the very near future. I had the privilege of meeting authors, illustrators, poets, as well as a number of other librarians from around the great state of Texas. I hope that what I learned will help continue to shape the Sonntag library. Furthermore, I hope that the Sonntag library will continue to be a great place for students, teachers, parents, and the community to learn and enjoy!

Check out the pictures below to take a peek into my journey at TLA:

 Mrs. Mattei ru\bs elbows with Mars' finest!
You have to love those Black Lagoon books by Mike Thaler, too!

 Kevin Henkes and Mrs. Mattei!!!!

Author Lisa Wheeler signing books!

Poet Marilyn Singer with Mrs. Lambert (ECS librarian), Mrs. Biamont (Robertson librarian), and Mrs. Mattei!

Illustrator Matt Phelan with Mrs. Mattei!

Willy Claflin with Mrs. Mattei! Oh!? Have you seen his Maynard Moose by the way?

Please stop by any time to CHECK OUT some of the amazing books by these amazing authors, illustrators, and poets! Happy reading! :)

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