Friday, April 29, 2011

Books of the Day by Mrs. Mattei!

Today's recommendations are for those girls out there that love pink and would love to be a real princess some day!

Are you feeling PINK today? This series of books by Victoria Kann is wildly popular at our library and I just HAD to share the amazing Pinkalicious website! Check these out! Happy reading!  


After eating too many pink cupcakes, Pinkalicious turns pink and enjoys everything about being her favorite color.

Pinkalicious decides to earn money to buy pink gumballs by selling pink lemonade, but her first effort to make the drink pink by adding grapefruit, watermelon, frosting, and beets, is not a great success.

When Pinkalicious brings her imaginary unicorn, Goldie, to school and teaches him the rules, he helps her and the other students to become better friends.

Pinkalicious's new ice skates are plain white, so before she takes them out on the ice she decides to color them with her cotton candy pink magic marker.
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Feeling like an outcast from her classmates who all love black, Pinkalicious decides to stay true to her favorite color and learns that pink is pretty and powerful.

Pinkalicious turns to the tooth fairy for help after she loses her sweet tooth.

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