Friday, November 18, 2016

Look What's Happening @ the #gselibrary!

It has been a BUSY week in the Sonntag Library! Look what Sonntag Readers have been up to!! 

This week, Kinder Readers listened to the story I'm A Turkey by Jim Arnosky. We talked about what it would be like to actually BE a turkey. We also well as sang our "Book Nook Song" as if we were actually turkeys and made our hands turn into turkeys (see above)... GOBBLE! GOBBLE!! After we heard the turkey story, the Kinder Readers completed a color-a-sight-word turkey sheet to practice their sight words! 

Sonntag 1st Grade Readers heard George Shannon's turkey story Turkey Tot. This story is a great example to use when discussing the Character Lab trait GRIT! In the story, every friend of Turkey Tot doesn't believe he can reach the yummy blueberries. However, Turkey Tot sticks with it and creatively creates a tool to help him achieve his goal. It's a great story and the Readers LOVED learning about Turkey Tot's journey! 

Sonntag 2nd Grade Readers are currently listening to another Mo Willems' great read The Story of Diva & Flea. Since this book is on the Texas 2x2 Reading List AND is a chapter book, I wanted the students to have an opportunity to hear this amazing story of two unlikely friends. The Readers looked in an atlas to see where the story was set (Paris, France) and even found a few of Mr. Willems' classic characters hidden in the pictures. The readers will be hearing this story for the next few weeks  and hopefully more students will join the 2x2 Reading Club! 

The last groups of Sonntag 3rd Grade Readers completed their final Book Tasting activities. It was such a joy to watch these Readers discover books they may otherwise not pick up. In addition, 3rd grade teachers discovered some great reads to share in their classes as read-alouds! 


Over the next few weeks, Sonntag 4th & 5th Grade Readers have been and will continue to learn about the art of reading and enjoying graphic novels. It is one of  THE most popular book formats in the #gselibrary but it is also one of the most misread and misunderstood. It's been amazing watching these Readers get excited about learning the finer details of these books. In the coming weeks, the Readers will dive into a few graphic novels and complete some challenges with them. Hopefully this section will continue to grow in size & popularity! 

The Sonntag Library Makerspace is really taking shape. This week, a few 4th graders discovered Makey Makey. Oh, they went bonkers playing Tetris online!! It was so awesome to watch them tinker with different Makey Makey tasks! 

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