Friday, December 11, 2015

Book of the Day by Mrs. Mattei!

Are you a fan of fairy tales?? These days, there are endless options when it comes to great retellings of these traditional tales. The books of the day come from the After Happily Ever After series by Tony Bradman. These are quick reads that offer readers a look at what happens after the traditional tales end.  Happy reading! :o)

Here's a few books from this series:

  • The ugly duckling finds that as a beautiful swan he cannot get the right kind of publicity needed for the anti-pollution campaign, so he decides to change back to his old self to help save the forest.

  • Tired of never being thanked for helping people live happily ever after, the Fairy Godmother decides to quit her job, but finds it difficult to be left alone, even when she takes a vacation.

  • After the Goldilocks break-in, Mr. Bear decides to install an alarm system--but when it keeps going off for no reason, Mrs. Bear takes control of the situation.
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