Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Reading Programs for 2015!

Attention Sonntag Readers! Summer is nearly here and it is a wonderful time to catch up on some great reads. Even though the Sonntag Library is not loaning books until the fall, there are a TON of wonderful reading programs around the community that are designed for students of all ages. Please click the links below to find out more information about local summer reading programs near you. Happy summer reading! :)

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From now until the first day of school on August 24th, log the minutes you read. You can log your minutes anytime and from any place you go in the world. You can log in as many times as you want as you read throughout the summer.
If the Sonntag Community reads 300,000 minutes or more by the first day of school, Mrs. Del Hierro get's slimed!!!

Click HERE to log your minutes!**

**Don't for get to keep track of how much you've read to see how far you go!

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Reading somewhere interesting, fun, or unique? If you are, you AND YOUR PARENTS can upload a pic of you reading to Twitter and use the hashtag #gselibrary and/or mention Mrs. Mattei's Twitter handle @matteibookbits in your post. It's a neat way to share what and where you read this summer.

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Want to get your hands on great eBooks and audiobooks? Check out Overdrive! 

Click the image below:

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Check out the Frisco Public Library summer activity opportunities:

Want to find out more about The Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge or other amazing programs at the Frisco Public Library? Click the link below:

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Check out the following links to see what's happening at the McKinney Public Library this summer!

(Hall Memorial Library)

(John and Judy Gay Library)

McKinney Public Library Main Page: Click here

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Want to learn more about the summer reading programs at your local Barnes & Noble as well as print off a summer reading log? Click here!

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