Friday, October 5, 2012

The Sonntag library participated in the Texas Library Snapshot Day on Wednesday, October 3. The Texas Library Snapshot Day is an event that allows Texas libraries of all shapes and sizes give a glimpse into a day in the life of their programs and resources. Data was collected about the Sonntag library from the time the doors opened at 8:00 AM until the time it closed around 3:30 PM. This information was analyzed and sent to the Texas Library Association as well as Frisco ISD. The Library Snapshot Day was an eye-opening experience for the library staff because it showed how much library resources, library staff, as well as the library facility itself! Check out some of the data that was collected! Happy reading! :) 

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(Check out this panorama pic of the Sonntag library!) 

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Number of Student/Parent/Teacher Visits: 321

Number of Computer Users (Check-ins/Checkouts/Computer searches): 340

Reference Questions: 76

Circulation Stats (Number of Check-ins & Checkouts): 497

Hits to Sonntag Library Blog: 45

Number of children (ages 0-12) participating in library programs: 309

Number of adults participating in library programs: 13

Number of students served by direct librarian instruction: 148

Number of teachers supported activities & collaborative efforts: 20

Number of student participating in non-class related activities: 40

Programs held on Snapshot Day: Preschool Storytime, Parent Library Volunteers, 7 class lessons & check-out

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We hope you have enjoyed taking a look at one day in the Sonntag library! 

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