Friday, June 1, 2012

A big shout out goes to the newest inductees to the Texas Bluebonnet Award "Reading Hall of Fame!" Here are the students who met the Texas Bluebonnet Award reading challenge this year: 

In an effort to motivate the students to meet the Texas Bluebonnet Award reading challenge, 5th Grade teacher Mr. Sinclair offered to let any student who met the challenge transform him into a 'Pretty Princess' during the last Good Morning Sonntag. Thank you Mr. Sinclair for taking one for the library team!

Don't forget you can read the books from the 2012 Texas Bluebonnet Award list as well as complete your Bluebonnet Buzz forms on this blog (see the button at the top of the blog) throughout the summer. 

I hope everyone has a super summer! Happy reading! :) 

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