Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are you looking for some great summer reading programs? Check out what's going on around the town with some great summer reading programs offered by the Sonntag Library, Frisco ISD Libraries, Frisco Public Library, the McKinney Public Library, Scholastic, and Barnes & Noble. Happy reading! :) 

Stop by the Sonntag library any time this week to pick up your summer reading log. If you read 10 books this summer, add the titles of the books to your log. Don't forget to return your completed log to the library in August. Students who turn in a completed log will receive a brand new book! 

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Want to join in on some great book conversations with other students throughout the summer? Check out the Love Your Library blog hosted by the librarians of Frisco ISD. Please be sure to read the comment policies on the left side of the blog before you add your comments. Click here to learn more!

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Want to learn more about the summer happenings at the Frisco Public Library? Click here!

Check out this awesome summer reading trailer brought to you by the Frisco Public Library! 

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Want to learn more about the summer programs at the McKinney Public Library? Click here!

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Want to learn more about the Scholastic Summer Challenge as well as how you can participate in a reading world record? Click here

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Want to learn more about the summer reading programs at your local Barnes & Noble as well as print off a summer reading log? Click here!

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