Friday, January 27, 2012

Whenever you read a good book, do you wish that you could change the story to create a different ending? If you said 'yes' to this question then I have a perfect historical fiction series of books for you! The You Choose Interactive History Adventure series not only allows you to choose how the story progresses but also allows you to decide how the story ends. Check out a few of the titles that the Sonntag Library has. Happy reading! :) 

Presents an interactive history of the Battle of the Alamo in March 1836 from the perspective of both a Mexican soldier and a Texian rebel.

Describes the events surrounding the sinking of the ship "Titanic" in 1912, revealing the historical details from the perspectives of a first-class passenger, a third-class passenger, and a crew member.

An interactive, choose-your-own adventure depicting life during the Dust Bowl in the United States. Includes three story paths, fifty-three choices, and nineteen endings.

Describes the events of the nineteenth-century California gold rush, revealing historical details of how miners traveled, how they looked for gold, and their impact on California's history.

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