Friday, September 9, 2011

Have I got a treat for you!!! This week in second grade, we read the amazing Daniel Kirk book Library Mouse. We talked about how anyone can be a writer just like Sam the library mouse (who wrote amazing stories about himself and about many other ideas that came to his 'noodle')...all you have to do is put your pencil to paper and let your ideas flow onto the page.

Today in Good Morning Sonntag, I featured the new book Chloe's Great Blue Adventure. What's cool is that the book was written by the father of two amazing Sonntag students as well as a Sonntag 'Preschool Storytimer.'  What is even more amazing is that the names of many of the characters in the story are the names of his children! How cool is that? 

Mr. MacKinnon has always loved to tell his girls stories every night before bed and this book is one of many stories he has created for them. It is such a privilege to be able to have this book in our library! Thank you so much Mr. MacKinnon and family for sharing this book with the Sonntag family! Check out the pictures below! Happy reading! :)

Here is our Sonntag authors display! Students who write their own books are welcome to share it in the library. Our Book of the Day is in the middle. :)

Here is author Art Mackinnon and family sitting with his new book Chloe's Great Blue Adventure!

Here's Jaydon checking out the book for the first time! 

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