Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Attention teachers, parents, and fellow bloggers! Have you ever read a GREAT book but completely forgot the name of the book or who the author was? Are you just trying to get more ideas of great reads? Have no fear! Goodreads is here!! Goodreads is an online social networking tool that not only allows you to keep track of the books you are reading, want to read, or have already read. You can follow what your friends, family, or even your Tweeps or Facebook peeps are reading. Please feel free to check out my page to see what children's, teen, and adult reads I am reading. I am always up for great book suggestions. Hope to see you there! 

*Note to students: Please talk to your parents or guardians before signing up for Goodreads! It is always a good idea to have your parents guidance when you are surfing the internet! Thank you. :) 

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