Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last week, the library staff pumped each grade level up by having a Rockin' Read Aloud Week! Students in all grade levels participated in a bookmark contest, learned more about the reading programs from the Frisco and McKinney public libraries and the Extreme Reading Photo Challenge, and had the opportunity to listen to a hand-picked book that was perfect to celebrate each grade level as they move on up! Check back each day for the book that was hand-picked for each grade level. Happy reading! :)

Here is the book 3rd grade read to celebrate moving up to 4th grade! 

by Julie Danneberg
The children in Mrs. Sarah Jane Hartwell's class write letters to her.

Here is the book 4th grade read to celebrate moving up to 5th grade!

by Julie Danneberg
During the last week of school, the students in Mrs. Hartwell's class try to come up with the perfect present for their teacher.

- Celebration of the Day -

Celebrations are in order for Korey from 3rd grade! She challenged herself to read all of the books on the Bluebonnet List! Congratulations!! :)

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