Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking for a good book to WARM up to???

Check out these H-I-LARY-O-U-S books by Lucy Nolan!!

On the Road 

A dog who thinks her name is Down Girl goes on a car ride to the beach, goes camping in the woods, and reluctantly pays a visit to the vet with her master, Rruff.

Bad to the Bone

As told from the perspective of the dog, Down Girl, she explains about her days protecting her home from the enemy next door, Here Kitty Kitty, and the many ways she tries to properly train her master, Rruff.

Home on the Range

Two dogs, Down Girl and Sit, accompany their masters to a dude ranch, where they encounter scary "squirrels" that live in holes in the ground, stampedes, and enemies even worse than their nemesis--the cat that lives next door.

Smarter than Squirrels

Recounts the adventures of a rambunctious dog who thinks her name is Down Girl and her next door neighbor, Sit, as they try to keep the world safe from dangerous squirrels, the paper boy, and a frightening creature named Here Kitty Kitty.

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