FISD Overdrive

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Not sure how to use Overdrive?  It's easy!  

Using Overdrive on your Mobile Device:

1. Go to your device’s App Store and search for “Overdrive Media Console.”  Install it on your device.  If you’re told you need an e-reader, click on “settings” in Overdrive and authorize the Adobe e-reader (you’ll need to put in an email address & password).

2. Open Overdrive.  Click the Menu button on the upper left (the icon is three horizontal bars).  Click “add a library” and then search by zip code.

3. When the list of libraries comes up, choose Frisco ISD.  (You can also download from Frisco Public Library or other local libraries if you have a library card from there.) Click Frisco ISD, and you will end up on their home page.

4. When asked to log in, use your STUDENT NUMBER in the blank called “Library Card Number.”  (Staff: use the first half of your district email—for example, SmithA—as the username.  It is case sensitive!)

5. You will end up on a page that shows you the “Recommended Titles” available from FISD’s Overdrive.  To search for a specific title, enter a book title in the search bar on the top right, or tap the “Subject”, “Collection” or “Levels” tabs at center top.

6. Select the book or audiobook you want by tapping the picture of the book.  “Sample” lets you see what it’s like.

7. Click the blue “Borrow” button.  On the next screen, click on “Download” button.  Choose “EPub ebook” unless you’re using a Kindle*; then click “Confirm and send to app”.  You may check out two books at a time on Overdrive.  Your book will be installed on your device for two weeks! 

8. To start reading, click on the menu button in upper left corner.  Click on “Bookshelf.”  The book you selected will be ready to read. Tap the icon to load the book.

9. Your checkout will automatically expire in two weeks.  If you aren’t done, go back into the online library and see about checking it out again!  If you decide you don’t like the book, go to “Bookshelf”, then tap the small print under the icon.  A blue bar will appear.  Choose “Return” to send book back to library which also deletes it from your device.

*On Kindle/Kindle app: check out, then download through your account at  Nook: Deliver wirelessly to your device if your version allows; if not, download the book to your Nook account, hook up your cable, then drag and drop.

Still need help?  See your campus librarian!

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